Bent Tiles

Synchronized 3-channel video projection, three Full HD videos, 0:22:22 /colour, sound/

The documentary reconstruction of the biography of the disappeared Czech ceramist Jarmila B. is built especially around the author‘s deliberate retreat, which was a significant gesture confirming her attitudes towards art.

Jarmila B. has been the author of relatively conventional realizations of spa interiors since the late 1960s, but her parallel work in sketches and writings gives insight into a totally different kind of practice with overlapping into performative or conceptual planes. Close friends speaks of the missing author; while the narrative is being accompanied by shots of preserved and dying spa architecture. On one of the projections you can watch the emergence of the musical component.

The project is playing against the boundaries of reality and fiction. It was created with the contribution of several female artists.

For more information about collaborators and the video with English subtitles see the following link:

Artyčok.TV Bent Tiles

Project was supported by Artyčok.TV and Arts and Theatre Institute in collaboration with Ministry of Culture a ESAC in Český Krumlov. Exhibition was realized at the TIC Gallery in Brno.