Six-channel video projection /colour, sound/; poster

A group of men in work clothes are fuelling a fire; a light illuminates the night exterior around littered pieces of furniture and remnants of alcohol consumption; on a barn hangs paintings that feature subjects referring to current politics. Materials gathered from a northern border area are reduced to a photographic storyboard and subsequently interpreted by six contemporary writers and artists. Resultant texts adhere to the same sequence of images but offer different narratives. At the intersection of these visions are images showing the ability of current events
to reveal in a given time and space an ineluctable shared paradigm. Multiplication of narrative is concomitantly suppressed by authors‘ control over the voiceover, which is the main determinant of the report mediated by audiovisuals.

The installation was presented at the gallery space Video NoD in Prague.

This collaborative project was developed in cooperation with the authors of the texts:

S.d.Ch., Marie Lukáčová, Anne-Claire Barriga, Lenka Vítková, Sára Vybíralová and Roman Rops-Tůma.