Full HD video, 8’ 30’’ /colour, silent/

The project is based on a collaboration with a Deaf protagonist Mac Henzl. In a short video situated in a dark dance club, Mac performs excerpts taken out of his autobiographical book entitled Fuchsia, in which he reflects his moving from Prague to London and the period of time he had spent there. As the Czech sign language is his native tongue, the fact that he has moved to a foreign country means that he is immediately confronted by situations where comprehension is truly complicated. Selection of scenes underlines motives of adaptation to certain social, sensual or contextual conditions, as he temporarily stays at unknown places or is on the move.

Mac’s story gives us an idea how he manages to get around the world where sound is important if you want to understand reality correctly but as well a world where imagination can sometimes offer us different perspectives which might be more joyful. He remembers emotionally charged situations such as when he hangs out with other Deaf friends dancing at a party, or perceives the sound of sea. Nevertheless the story tells us also about the tough moments of uncertainty at his new place of stay. Mac, whose identity is defined by belonging to two minorities - being Deaf and gay, tries to find a job, love and background to live a meaningful life where his creativity and talent may flourish. As a narrator of the video, he brings us experience in a new mix of descriptions and dreaming, one alternating the other.

Actor: Mac Henzl
Cinematography: Štěpán Pech, Michal Blecha
Editing: Kristýna Bartošová
Light design: Jan Slanina
Czech sign language interpreter: Naďa Hynková Dingová
English translation: Brian Vondrak
Graphic design: Vojtěch Cejnek
Make up: Eva Svobodová

Video was commissioned by Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR in Brussels and supported by artistic grant of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.