Shine Your Light on Me

Full HD video, 23'16'' /colour, sound/

The video installation Shine Your Light on Me speaks to the transformative experience associated with dance and movement. The vitality of global climate protests in New York City, traditional dance as a path to cultural belonging and the hedonism of dance parties are connected by the closeness and intimacy of physical gathering.

Focusing on the embodied experience, in Shine Your Light on Me the artist’s body connected to a camera is turned into a narrative device and technological apparatus. In an exploration of sound, rhythm and breath, dance is both politics and pleasure, with the potential emergence of the collective always present. In this first installment of a long-term project, Bačíková examines possibilities of moving image and dance as a tool for projection, reflection, alienation but also as a tool of community building.

Editor: Kristýna Bartošová
Sound: Jakub Jurásek
Music: Aid Kid
Voice: Lucie Vítková
Dramaturgy: Viola Ježková
Translation: Nathan Fields
Curator of the exhibition at the Nevan Contempo gallery: Hana Janečková

Production of the video Shine Your Light On Me was kindly supported by the artistic grant of the MKČR and the Nevan Contempo gallery.